Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to be vegan to become a member?

Not at all! All our events are 100% plant-based, but anyone can become a member. We are open to everyone who is interested! Which obviously includes you, as you are reading this 😉

Do I have to be a (WUR) student to become a member?

Short answer: No!

Long answer: We are based in Wageningen, but you can become a member if you are a (PhD) student at any college (MBO/HBO/university) in the Netherlands. If you are not a student but below 31 years old you can get a light membership, which means you can’t vote but get all the other membership benefits.

Above 30 years old and not a student? You are still welcome at our open activities!

What exactly are the open activities?

At open events, everyone is welcome, VSA member or not. On our Instagram page it is indicated if an event is open. If you want to get announcements for all open events, join our WhatsApp community!

Is your question missing?

Feel free to ask us any question by mail!