We have a total of five committees, that all have their role in the association. Are you interested in joining any of the committees? Let us know!

  • Activity committee
    We form the backbone of the association. We come together every week to brainstorm for new ideas and how to bring these to fruition. In addition, we manage the Instagram posts and design cool posters for the various activities. If you join you can help out by coming up with ideas, designing posters, leading activities, booking locations and making decorations. We have an open structure within the committee and tasks are divided over willing members, so you don’t have to put in a lot of effort when you’re busy.
  • Activism/education
    We organise activities related to activism and education about veganism. If you join you can help with brainstorming for activism and education ideas, make posters, book locations and help organise. We meet occasionally and more frequently in advance to an event.
  • Camp committee
    We organise the yearly VSA getaway. Last year we went camping in luxury tents in the countryside. This year we went to a scouting house in the forest. Each year we organise a short trip of about three days, filled with exciting activities. If you join you can help brainstorm for an exciting theme, think of fun activities, find a location and help with budgeting and planning transport. Meetings happen occasionally, and more frequently in advance to the getaway.
  • Financial committee
    As the financial committee, we are in charge of checking the work of the treasurer. This way we can ensure the members of the association that the money is handled responsibly and with care. As a member of the financial committee you get the financial report and go through the receipts to see if everything is correct. The committee is only active one month before the general assembly, twice per year. In total it takes around 5-10 hours of work.
  • Newsletter committee
    We create periodic newsletters to keep members up-to-date as well as share partnerships and collaborations. If you join you can help create content (writing and/or graphic design) and help setting up a template. It takes about a couple hours a month.