For an overview of upcoming activities, see our Instagram.

We offer a wide range of activities for our members and some open activities for non-members as well. These events include food related activities, community building events and occasionally also activism and educative activities. We organise one activity each week. We do not have a set day or location for the activities, so this varies each week. This way everyone is able to attend at least some of the activities!

  • Food related activities include potlucks, workshops and cosy dinners. We organise at least one open potluck for everyone each period. Some highlights have been a vegan cheese and wine tasting, a fermentation workshop and a ‘taste of home’ potluck. All food provided at activities is 100% plant-based.
  • Community-building activities range from chill board game nights to exciting active events. These activities are meant to make you feel at home within the association and make new friends. Some highlights have been a taekwondo workshop, laser tag with vegan Dutch ‘frituursnacks’ and, of course, the amazing yearly VSA getaway!
  • Occasionally, we also try to reach out to others through activism and education. These activities include lectures, attending legal protests and volunteering. Some highlights include a lecture by Tobias Leenaert, a bake sale for charity and volunteering at an animal sanctuary.

Do you have a good idea for an activity? You’re always welcome to share your ideas with us, so we can pass them on to our committees or put you directly into contact with them. Do you want to help out with organising activities in general? Feel free to check out our committees and what they do here.

Want to organise an activity with us? We are more than happy to collaborate. Please contact us to discuss the possibilities.

Are you nervous about joining your first activity? You don’t have to go alone! Check out our buddy system.