Vegan Student Association Wageningen

Welcome to VSA Wageningen!

We are the student association for everyone interested in a (more) vegan lifestyle. We are an association for all young adults in Wageningen and surroundings.

We organize weekly vegan activities! We offer a wide range of events. These include cosy activities such as potlucks, game nights and cooking workshops, but also more active activities, such as laser tag, forest climbing and parties. We also organize educational and outreach events, such as lectures and workshops! All our activities are announced on our Instagram page.

VSA Wageningen has an open relaxed atmosphere. We have no hazing or other obligations to become a member. Once you’re a member there are no expectations and you’re free to join the activities that you like!

Interested? Sign up now! Still in doubt? Come join us at one of our open activities! If you like it, you can sign up at any moment of the year!

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